Ivy’s First Session

Yesterday was Ivy’s 1st messy session and here are a couple of pics to mark the occasion. I’d also like to wish her sploshing partner a very Happy & Messy Birthday.

Maid L’Amour

Maid L’Amour was at SploshAGirl recently with Mr Goo – she didn’t “clean up” very well did she, but as we all know, Messy is Best here!

SploshCam – the aftermath

Ok, so I am a bit late to the party, but I finally worked out how to edit the video from my phone. So when Scarlett visited recently to do a shoot for Messy Angel, I thought that was an excellent opportunity to do my first little vid.

So here’s the first one …

Mouse at SploshAGirl

Been a little while since I posted, so its catch up time and first up we have the one and only Mouse enjoying a rather unique hair & body treatment.

Gilly’s Messy Dinner Date

What a lovely day yesterday – Gilly was here at SploshAGirl for a messy dinner date… she helped to get things ready and then waited with anticipation for her dinner date to arrive.

When he did they soon moved to the “dining room” to see what goodies awaited them and it wasnt long before all thoughts of a “scene” went out the window and they just got down “n” dirty…err I mean messy. Here are a couple of pics of the lovely Gilly.

Messy Shay

I think Shay is super sexy, don’t you? Thought I would also add a few pics taken while her video was being shot.

Jess West meets The Dunker

A lovely bright sunny day and a lovely bright sunny smile. Yup that’s right its Messy Maid Jess West who met the Dunker yesterday for her first solo session.

Here are a few pics…


I just found another couple of pics of Jess…with cheesecake …wonder where she puts it… ah!

Charley Atwell & Jess West

Well that was close – I just got in and went to download the pics I took of the session today only to discover the SD card was broken!!!


Cue some sellotape and much crossing of fingers and I am pleased to tell you I managed to fix it….

It was Jess West’s first session with us but together with Charley Atwell she did a great job. Here are a couple of pics.

SploshAGirl News

SploshAGirl is Back

I am pleased to announce that SploshAGirl is back. We are now operating from a new venue and have some new girls for you to get messy with,  as well as the fantastic experienced girls we had before.

Please contact us for more information and we can then help your messy dreams come true.


Miss T


Office Girl Shay – SploshAGirl

Have you ever gone into work and seen a colleague you would just love to get messy … she can look a little snooty sometimes and you would love to see the look in her face when that pie hits…. well that’s what our latest visitor to SploshAGirl thinks and so he popped down to see us.

The lovely Shay Hendrix was waiting for him but she turned the tables on him by picking up a pie, staring him straight in the eye before delivering it right in his face! Of course he had to get his own back so out came the custard and down the tights it went.

Here are some pics; Office Girl Shay Hendrix Getting Messed Up at SploshAGirl.com