Shay’s Visit

Its always a pleasure to welcome Welsh Lovely Shay Hendrix to SploshAGirl Towers, but this time she was a little naughty and snuck into the Sploshing Room before our other guest arrived.

Naughty Shay – step away from the cake batter & put those cakes down!

Jade wears a Pie Hat

Saw Jade again yesterday – she came along for another messy session at SploshAGirl. Wow this girl is Hot!!!

Schoolgirl Mouse at SploshAGirl

It was lovely to see Mouse at SploshAGirl the other day … madcap and messy as ever but she wasn’t alone. The theme was a quiz but this time both she and her messy partner in crime were subject to a range of forfeits ranging from stripping & sliming to bondage & foot worship… We discovered its not easy to pie someone when your hands are cuffed lol!

Here’s Mouse!

Scarlett & Gilly

Its Sunday morning and its a beautiful day, what’s more its gonna be a messy day… no not for me, but for Mouse. In fact its been a pretty messy month here in sunny Essex. Through the doors have come Jess West and her friend Lola, Ashlea, Scarlett, Mouse, Tori,  Gilly & Jade oh and I have been busy at MessMistress.com

I already posted some pics of the gorgeous Ashlea & Lola. Here are Scarlett & Gilly.

Gilly & Tori meet a New Splosher

Saw Gilly & Tori last week for a messy session – they were in great form. Just think for your first ever Sploshing session you get to have these 2 lovely ladies there with you – flantastic!

Pies, eggs, gunge, custard, foam pies these 2 love it all…

You can meet Gilly & Tori at SploshAGirl.com

Splosh A Girl in Forum Magazine

SploshAGirl makes a Splash in Forum Magazine this month as Sploshing  finds itself  in the news again. Following on from Billie Piper & her sploshing antics hitting the mainstream media, Forum Magazine here  in the UK have done a big 4 page feature on yours truly & SploshAGirl.com.

Have to say that I am very excited about the article PLAYING WITH FOOD and I am pleased to say that I think they have captured the elements of Sploshing we all love… the fun, the sensuality, the naughtiness and the playful nature of getting messy…. not to mention giving Sploshing Virgins a few tips along the way.

For those of you who cant get to the news stands to buy the latest edition of Forum here are some pics.

Jenkins comes to SploshAGirl

Its all go here at SploshAGirl Towers and I am pleased to announce that a new girl has joined us. Yes the beautiful and sexy Jenkins (complete with new look)  is now a SploshAGirl

For those of you who dont know her already Jenkins is a local girl with bright and bubbly personality and I think she would be great for those of you who are a little nervous about visiting us at SploshAGirl Towers as I just know she would put you at your ease.

Check out some pics of her …. hot or what!

Latest SploshAGirl Sessions

Oh dear I really should keep you all better informed about what I have been up shouldn’t I… well lets see, no need to mention some of the shoots as Bob has done that for me so why dont I just add a few pics from the last couple of SploshAGirl sessions.

Must mention the Ballerina Pie Fight… it was just soooooo much fun with both of them in Tutu’s smashing pies in each others faces…. just brilliant, then there was a session with Tori, one with Scarlett & Honey ( yup thats right 2 girls) oh and Mouse came to visit and finally as you can see below, we saw Jess today for her very first SploshAGirl session.

Jessica Fox’s 1st SploshAGirl Session

I can tell you now that Jess is going to be a SploshAGirl star, bright, bubbly, chatty, hands on and full of fun….it was clear just how much fun she was having and she certainly isnt shy and retiring!

Book Jess at SploshAGirl.com

Clay Covered Mouse

Mess147415 met Mouse for the first time, he may have wanted to pour chocolate & treacle slowly over her, but Mouse had a different idea… she couldn’t wait to get covered in clay… so she did!!

You can meet Mouse at SploshAGirl.com