The Dunker v Scarlett and Honey

In a Galaxy far, far, away… oops wrong film.. The Dunker boldly goes…..

Take a leaf out of The Dunker’s books – meet Scarlett & Honey at SploshAGirl.com

Tori at SploshAGirl

Ballerina Pie Fight

Ballerina Pie Fight with Scarlett at SploshAGirl

Scarlett & Shay get Messed Up

Just getting ready to head out for another SploshAGirl Session when I realised I hadn’t mentioned the last 2 sessions we have had.

So here are a couple of pics from each

1st Messy Session of 2010

Well at last the snow is gone.. to tell the truth I really didn’t mind it although quite why it brought the place to a standstill I will never know.

The main disadvantages for me however were the cancelled sessions and shoots as no one could get to us here at WAM Towers.

That doesn’t mean its all been quiet on the messy front though and as you can see below, we had some great fun during SploshAGirl’s first messy session of the year with the lovely  Scarlett.

I saw a Mouse

Well since my last post I have seen both Shay and Mouse here at SploshAGirl and we have shot some new stuff for Messy Angel… busy busy or what!

I dont have any pics of this session with Mouse (such a shame) as not everyone has pics but suffice to say it was Mouse and it was “crazy” – what a naughty girl that Mouse is, the things she does with squirty cream!!!

I do have pics of Shay… and here are a couple … both clean!

In the first she is getting ready for her SploshAGirl session and the second… well it speaks for itself I think.

If you would like to see more of  Shay I have added some new pics to her SploshAGirl Gallery.

Schoolgirl Shay

As promised a couple of pics from Shays last messy session here at SploshAGirl. In this session Shay was covered in Chocolate…Chocolate and more Chocolate. Oh and there was also lashings of custard some pies, cakes and of course some bright pink gunge.

Now Shay as you might know is from Wales and so was her messy playmate for the day.