Splosh A Girl in Forum Magazine

SploshAGirl makes a Splash in Forum Magazine this month as Sploshing  finds itself  in the news again. Following on from Billie Piper & her sploshing antics hitting the mainstream media, Forum Magazine here  in the UK have done a big 4 page feature on yours truly & SploshAGirl.com.

Have to say that I am very excited about the article PLAYING WITH FOOD and I am pleased to say that I think they have captured the elements of Sploshing we all love… the fun, the sensuality, the naughtiness and the playful nature of getting messy…. not to mention giving Sploshing Virgins a few tips along the way.

For those of you who cant get to the news stands to buy the latest edition of Forum here are some pics.

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3 Responses to Splosh A Girl in Forum Magazine

  1. the_dunker says:

    Looks like a good write up with some fantastic pics Miss T.

  2. Richard (aka sotonude) says:

    I managed to buy the mag today, (I think it was the last one available in Southampton!). Very nice article Miss T, did you write it yourself or just give them the ideas?

    I might have to try it sometime! LOL.


  3. MessMistress says:

    Hey there Rich….I am pleased you managed to find one… its not as easy a process as one would expect it to be is it.

    As for the article itself. Well it was actually a collaboration. They asked me a series of questions which I and some friends from WamChat answered. An example is below and you can see how the replies got used almost verbatim.

    Forum Quest
    : Is sploshing just a big food fight?

    My Answer: No it isnt, although sploshers would love to watch one, and some would love to take part in one, but it can also be something much more intimate. It’s as much about give and take – one person sploshing another and then swapping over. The feel as it runs over your face, into the clothes and the fantastic sensual feel as ones sploshing partner rubs it all over your body.

    As for trying it Rich… go on…. I too think you might enjoy a bit of SPLOSHING :)

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