Sarah Jane – new at SploshAGirl

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Jane is our newest SploshAGirl.

Custard covered BBW Sarah Jane

Sexy Sarah Jane – Curves a plenty at SploshAGirl

Sexy, Busty, Messy – its Sarah Jane – She loves getting messy – wanna join her? Click the link for more pics and details on how to get messy with her.

Pippa Lilys 1st session

Check out Pippa’s profile for pics from her very 1st session with us at SploshAGirl.

As expected Pippa (looking sexy in PVC) was an absolute star as she and her messy companion got covered in all things sweet, inc custard, chocolate, trifle & golden syrup.

Book your session with Pippa here.

Pennys Pics

Just added some new messy pics to Penny’s Page.

002 019

Here are a couple of them, check out her page for the rest … do you fancy adding to the mess she made?


Pippa Lily Topless

Pippa Lily

Just added a new pic of Pippa Lily to her gallery…. she seems a little different, I wonder what it could be….still the same lovely Pippa, yet somehow….”enhanced”

SploshAGirl is back

So we are back and we have had our 1st session in our new venue.  One of our regular visitors met n messed up Jess for the first time, he also got rather messy himself, esp as she pinned him down and set on him with the squirty cream.

As ever Jess was a treat …. But yet again she managed to eat some of the cake before it was pushed in her face!

Here are some pics …….


Pie Inspector

The Pie Inspector

Opening scenes from The Pie Inspector. Elle P is playing the Inspector whose job it is to make sure the pies are up to scratch and that they are British Pies and not American.

Once the pies get checked out Elle gets pied! You saw that coming right?

Pegged Tigerr

Latest in our Wammed & Slammed series Pegged Tigerr is up on House of Slime featuring Tigerr Benson as our sploshed and abused victim and Honey B wielding a mean crop along with some nasty looking gloop.

Yes its femdom with mess, rubber cocks, raw eggs and a pitiful looking pussy cat under all that gunk 

Pegged Tigerr

Graduation Day

Splosh School Graduation

Its a big day for the Messy Angel Splosh School as one of our students hopes to graduate as a fully qualified Splosh model and earn her new splosh alias.

So what does she have to do to graduate? Simple.  Just answer the questions, take the gunge in the correct manner and endure some well chilled custard!

Graduation Day on Messy Angel

Messy Mayhem

There is only one rule when Shay goes head to head. There are no rules. And Maise finds out the hard way when the custard starts flying. As did I when I copped a faceful of custard during filming 

Messy Mayhem? This was Messy Chaos! Just remember to duck when you are watching the video.

Messy Mayhem

Delicious Danielle


Delicious Danielle

The delicious, the sexy and the very naked Danielle Maye dipped in three types of chocolate.  A banquet dish fit to be served to a King..or in this case presented to all Messy Angel members to feast on 


Delicious Danielle