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Graduation Day

Splosh School Graduation

Its a big day for the Messy Angel Splosh School as one of our students hopes to graduate as a fully qualified Splosh model and earn her new splosh alias.

So what does she have to do to graduate? Simple.  Just answer the questions, take the gunge in the correct manner and endure some well chilled custard!

Graduation Day on Messy Angel

Messy Mayhem

There is only one rule when Shay goes head to head. There are no rules. And Maise finds out the hard way when the custard starts flying. As did I when I copped a faceful of custard during filming 

Messy Mayhem? This was Messy Chaos! Just remember to duck when you are watching the video.

Messy Mayhem

Delicious Danielle


Delicious Danielle

The delicious, the sexy and the very naked Danielle Maye dipped in three types of chocolate.  A banquet dish fit to be served to a King..or in this case presented to all Messy Angel members to feast on 


Delicious Danielle

Cake Squishing

A new girl enrolled into our Messy Angel Splosh School and its always a delight to teach a girl as bright and bubbly as Jasmine.

Its fair to say Jasmine was a little tentative as she lowered her bottom onto a strawberry sponge but once the cream hit her cheeks she soon got the hang of squishing cakes with her gorgeous ass!

Cake Sitting with Jasmine on Messy Angel


Classic Downloads – Messy Angel

The Messy Angel Classic store (UMD) has some great treats lined up for you as we bring not only you some of the very first videos to make their appearance on Messy Angel but some of my all time faves from Breakfast at Angel’s to Rock Chick and Gooey Nurse Abbi.

So have a look around and check out to see if your fave film has made it onto the store  – and if it hasn’t keep checking back for further releases 



SploshCam – the aftermath

Ok, so I am a bit late to the party, but I finally worked out how to edit the video from my phone. So when Scarlett visited recently to do a shoot for Messy Angel, I thought that was an excellent opportunity to do my first little vid.

So here’s the first one …

Pretty Girls & Pantyhose

Its Pretty Girls & Pantyhose on Messy Angel, with our two pantyhose loving babes Shay and Jess having some giggles and sploshing fun as they fill each others tights and let ‘rip’ with the contents!

Shay’s Visit

Its always a pleasure to welcome Welsh Lovely Shay Hendrix to SploshAGirl Towers, but this time she was a little naughty and snuck into the Sploshing Room before our other guest arrived.

Naughty Shay – step away from the cake batter & put those cakes down!

Latest Shoots

Just got in from a really great shoot. The 2nd in as many days – some great girls (both experienced and new)  & some great mess…. loved them.

… here are a couple of pics 🙂

Slut Trek

Our very latest Messy Angel film is out now and it features Shay Hendrix & Maise Dee.

Picture the scene. Its Slut Date 147230.05 and our intrepid explorers Captain Shay Hendrix & her Number 1 Maise Dee are beamed down to the Slime Caverns of the Planet Goo. Its a tricky away mission as they need to collect some slime to replenish the engines but they have been warned… This slime is very potent and a single drop can drive a girl slime crazy with lust!

Will this intrepid duo complete their mission without any mishaps? Will there be any appalling puns? & will Lt GooHura discover their messy secret?…. Dildos set to titillate and away we go…..

Messy Angel Presents -SLUT TREK