Pie Inspector

The Pie Inspector

Opening scenes from The Pie Inspector. Elle P is playing the Inspector whose job it is to make sure the pies are up to scratch and that they are British Pies and not American.

Once the pies get checked out Elle gets pied! You saw that coming right?

Pegged Tigerr

Latest in our Wammed & Slammed series Pegged Tigerr is up on House of Slime featuring Tigerr Benson as our sploshed and abused victim and Honey B wielding a mean crop along with some nasty looking gloop.

Yes its femdom with mess, rubber cocks, raw eggs and a pitiful looking pussy cat under all that gunk 

Pegged Tigerr

Save the Girl

Latest on Bound2bMessy we find Sophie bound in an empty room surrounded by cameras. After struggling for hours she dozes off exhausted only to be awakened by a jet of cream hitting her in the face. Sophie yells for help as she is hit by more cream and then custard. She continues to struggle as yet more custard is poured over her followed by green slime. Sophie’s top slips down and she desperately tries to cover her modesty as a voice over the tannoy mutes her into silence. The clock is ticking for Sophie and her ultimate fate. Can anyone save her?

Save The Girl

Splosh A Girl in Forum Magazine

SploshAGirl makes a Splash in Forum Magazine this month as Sploshing  finds itself  in the news again. Following on from Billie Piper & her sploshing antics hitting the mainstream media, Forum Magazine here  in the UK have done a big 4 page feature on yours truly &

Have to say that I am very excited about the article PLAYING WITH FOOD and I am pleased to say that I think they have captured the elements of Sploshing we all love… the fun, the sensuality, the naughtiness and the playful nature of getting messy…. not to mention giving Sploshing Virgins a few tips along the way.

For those of you who cant get to the news stands to buy the latest edition of Forum here are some pics.

Bound2bMessy Relaunch

I know I have been a little quiet of late but there has been a reason, you see as well as having lots of messy sessions and producing WAM videos, I have been busy with the latest site update.

I am pleased to say it is now done so check out the following link to see what I have been up to.


Honey B is sat in the stocks & covered in beans, custard & spaghetti

For those of you who dont already know the site it features girls next door gunged, sploshed and slimed. Innocent beauties wammed down Trash Can Alley, bikini babes wrestling in goo amongst other things. It also has a healthy dose of girls bound (hence the name of the site) tormented and abused as you can see in the pic above.