Save the Girl

Latest on Bound2bMessy we find Sophie bound in an empty room surrounded by cameras. After struggling for hours she dozes off exhausted only to be awakened by a jet of cream hitting her in the face. Sophie yells for help as she is hit by more cream and then custard. She continues to struggle as yet more custard is poured over her followed by green slime. Sophie’s top slips down and she desperately tries to cover her modesty as a voice over the tannoy mutes her into silence. The clock is ticking for Sophie and her ultimate fate. Can anyone save her?

Save The Girl

Cake Squishing

A new girl enrolled into our Messy Angel Splosh School and its always a delight to teach a girl as bright and bubbly as Jasmine.

Its fair to say Jasmine was a little tentative as she lowered her bottom onto a strawberry sponge but once the cream hit her cheeks she soon got the hang of squishing cakes with her gorgeous ass!

Cake Sitting with Jasmine on Messy Angel


Classic Downloads – Messy Angel

The Messy Angel Classic store (UMD) has some great treats lined up for you as we bring not only you some of the very first videos to make their appearance on Messy Angel but some of my all time faves from Breakfast at Angel’s to Rock Chick and Gooey Nurse Abbi.

So have a look around and check out to see if your fave film has made it onto the store  – and if it hasn’t keep checking back for further releases 



Jess & Danielle

Great week this week, we saw Jess West several times and Danielle Maye, also put together a custom shoot as well.

Adreena is now a SploshAGirl

I would like to welcome Fetish Model Adreena Winters to SploshAGirl.

Pics of her Messy can be seen here

Dani – Pie Faced

Here’s a short clip from our latest custom video featuring Dani, a custard pie and yours truly ….well…. my arm!!

Find out how to get your very own custom here.

Mouse at SploshAGirl

Been a little while since I posted, so its catch up time and first up we have the one and only Mouse enjoying a rather unique hair & body treatment.